Update- 1st Aug 2023 

Congratulations Our Llyods Metals target has been achieved



Update-31st July 2023 

 Congratulations our below target has been achieved.Our New target is 54.00 

Update - 28th July 2023 

Congratulations our below target has been achieved. Our new target for Llyod Steel is 44.00 keep a stop loss of 36.00 --------------------------------------------
Update-6th June 2023 

Buy Lloyds Steels Industries Ltd, keep a stop loss of 25.00 Rs, the target is 38.00 Rs


Update- 31st July 2023 

 Congratulation as per the Financial Prediction our Crude Oil target has been achieved .

 Financial Prediction from 26th July 2023 to 11th August 2023 

1) Crude Oil's maximum upper side will be 6,500 per barrel but it can fall to 6,000 per barrel.