Here’s what our clients have to say about the solutions provided at Astro Finance.

What They say about us

Accurate and precise predictions. I recommend Astro Finance for all investment led decisions as my experience with them has only been productive and positive. I began my investment journey with small investments first and it worked out well. Eventually, I involved bigger monies to it and also got my husband to give it a try as well. He is a fan!
Ridhika Lotia
I wasn’t a person who would usually believe in Astrology, especially for financial decisions. I was introduced to Astro Finance by a friend and I don’t think I would consider myself a non-believer anymore. At a position of an Executive Director, it isn’t small amounts of money that one deals in; large numbers are involved and prompt decisions are to be taken. Astro Finance has been a guiding light in all my investment led decisions ever since 2017.
Kartik Thaker
Executive Director
The team behind Astro Finance, is one big genius. It’s been more than six years that I have been seeking guidance from Astro Finance and the results that I have received are super positive. The philosophy, one gets exposed to at Astro Finance helps one, think and grow rich.
Vidhi Jogani
Today, my life is in the process of transformation. Can’t thank Astro Finance enough for helping me with the right monetary decisions. Investment decisions are difficult to make, it was only with the guidance provided by Astro Finance that it didn’t come across as a huge, risky task.
Nayna Bhatt
Interior Decorator
I have always been an artsy man, right from school to college to now. Music, Paintings and Ads is all what I relate myself to, but that doesn’t work always; as we grow we have finances to deal with and that was honestly, very difficult for me. I needed financial and investment guidance if I wished to mint extra money apart from what I make through my art, and that’s when Astro Finance played a huge role. It’s my go-to for all investment decisions.
Lionel Hayeem
Advertising Guru
It was after several wrong decisions, under the guidance of various people that I was made aware of Astro Finance. The subscriptions at Astro Finance come with a commitment that they strive hard to deliver. My advice would be, to start with it before you make our set of wrong monetary decisions.
Swapnil Jain
Investments are never done for the present, but always for the future. To ensure that one is secure and safe monetarily; tough decisions need to be taken today. Astro Finance does just that. It counsels you with what is good today and that which will yield the best results tomorrow.
Varun Kataria
Digital Marketer
Market speculations are difficult to determine and it has now been made uncomplicated for me with Astro Finance by my side. I have recommended the same to several colleagues and I believe it is working wonders for them as well.
Amee Solanki
Associate Vice President
Financial Predictions that have helped me in the past and are still helping me today. I started off with the one month subscription first, followed by three months and now a subscription for an entire year. Great results always!
Sahil Patel
Account Executive
Astro Finance stays true to what it stands for, result led investment advice is what one takes back from Astro Finance. Investments play an important part of our future and that stays secured with the help of predictions provided by them. A subscription to their plans is a smart investment in itself.
Aakash Banerjee
For the predictions and advice that is provided, and the subscription amount paid for it; it is the best deal one can get. The money paid for an Astro Finance Subscription is more like a seed one sows today for a tree that will bloom tomorrow.
Shanaya Fernandez
I started my business five years back, making right financial decisions was very much necessary at that point in time, considering that my business was still in its initial stage and would require more capital eventually to make it grow bigger. Astro Finance served my query back then and is still doing the same in the best way possible.
Aesha Lalwani
Business Woman/ Housewife
Being a Financial Analyst this has not just helped me in my personal space but also in my professional life. Astro-economy is a real thing and can actually help, especially when one is new to investments and the market practices. I started off with Astro Finance a year back, during my second year of college and I don’t see myself not making use of the guidance provided by it in the near future.
Karna Shah
Student and Financial Analyst

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